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Former or current? Irina Smelaya compared sex with Ilya Prusikin and Daniil Patlakh

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Irina Smelaya and Ilya Prusikin

If the affair of 36-year-old Ilya Prusikin with his colleague from the group Sofia Tayurskaya has already been discussed in detail, Ira did not immediately declassify her new relationship.

Now the actress does not hesitate to admit: she is absolutely happy. Her chosen one is 32-year-old dancer Daniil Patlakh, known for his participation in the show “DANCES” on TNT. According to the woman, they were united by passion with their boyfriend. The couple had an intimate relationship almost immediately. And Brave considers it a big plus. “I’m not young, I’m 30 years old!” – she laughs on the YouTube show “Yes – No”.

When the host asked the singer, they say, with whom sex is better – with Ilya or Daniel, Irina replied: “I did not compare in context – who is better, who is worse. You just celebrate for yourself, here it is, and here it is different. “

Brave assured that with Patlah in this matter she has exactly everything in harmony and harmony. She also answered in the affirmative to the host’s question about whether a man behaves in bed as well as he dances. “Yes, he’s in great shape,” Tatarka said modestly.

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However, Irina did not throw stones at the former garden. She added that in past relationships there were no problems with sex. “If I was a fig, I wouldn’t be there for five or six years,” she said.

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