For the first time since the break, Janabayeva got in touch with fans: what she said

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Former soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Albina Dzhanabayeva addressed the fans on the microblog.

Albina Janabaeva. Photo:

Popular singer Albina Janabaeva after a break of more than two weeks, she got in touch with her audience on the social network.

Probably, fearing a possible upcoming Instagram block, Albina Dzhanabayeva left a message for her microblog store subscribers.

The star wrote where she can be found, attaching a link to the transition to his Telegram channel.

“See you,” wrote Albina Janabaeva.

It is noteworthy that the vocalist did not get in touch with subscribers even after her exposure on the project of NTV – show “Mask”.

Albina Dzhanabayeva gave a link to her telegram channel
Albina Dzhanabayeva gave a link to her telegram channel. Photo:

As a rule, the stars participating in the program are always willing to communicate with subscribers after declassification. Albina Dzhanabayeva became an exception to this rule.

It will be recalled that Albina Janabaeva took part in the new, third, season of the show “Mask” in a peacock costume.

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