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Very soon the series “Nobody will know” will be released, the main role of which was played by Eugenia Brick. For the actress, who passed away in early February after a long battle with cancer, this work was the only one in two years and the last in her life. So far, only rare footage of the series, in which Evgenia starred with Kirill Safonov, Victoria Isakova, Daria Ursulyak and other stars of domestic cinema, can be seen online.

The producer of the film Valery Todorovsky first commented on the death of his wife only a week ago – he published in his blog the latest photo of his beloved.

Kirill Safonov and Evgenia Brik
Kirill Safonov and Daria Ursulyak

The eight-part drama will tell about a beautiful and prosperous, but childless married couple in their 40s – Igor (Kirill Safonov) and Dasha (Eugenia Brick). They are beautiful, successful and happy, but at some point Igor’s heart fails, and after a heart attack right on the street, he decides to have a child. The problem is that Igor can’t have children, and then he offers Dasha to find a donor among their mutual friends.

Yuri Bykov, Yana Sekste, Alexander Robak, Oleg Yagodin, Nadezhda Markina and others also starred in the series. The producer was Eugenia Brik’s husband Valery Todorovsky, and the director and screenwriter was Alena Zvantsova (“Particle of the Universe”, “Closed Season”). According to her, the series is dedicated to the topic of growing up and awareness of responsibility not only for themselves but also for loved ones:

The heroes are my peers – 40-45 years old, representatives of the middle class, creative intelligentsia… Earlier old age began at 50, and now not earlier than 70. At 45 people ride motorcycles, hang out and give birth. This is exactly the picture about us, about the “children”, about us. The world has changed, and we play by its rules.

The first series will air on Channel One on April 4 at 9:30 p.m.

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