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She announced the collection of donations – 10 thousand for one episode against 70 thousand for the series at Red Head Sound.

About his desire to create a dubbing of the Marvel show in the dubbing studio announced March 30. Representatives of Flarrow Films stressed that many actors are fans of Marvel and are looking forward to the release of “Moon Knight”.

The organization announced that they will need financial assistance from viewers – 10 thousand rubles for the voice of each series. When asked why not do dubbing for free, they said that, unfortunately, not all actors are big Marvel fans, so some of them have to pay.

Representatives of Flarrow Films stressed that “and so collect 10 thousand per series, not 70 thousand as it should.” So they pointed to another studio, Red Head Sound, which was earlier invited 70 thousand for one episode of dubbing “Moon Knight”. At the same time, Flarrow Films noted that they are not fighting with anyone for the audience.

We do this because we are Marvel fans and we have been waiting for the Moon Knight. We did it before and we will do it after. No fan dubbing will stop us! There is no struggle for the audience! Do not divorce conflict. Who wants to support – will support. Good for everyone!

Unfortunately, not all actors are fans. And some need to pay. We are already collecting only 10,000, not 70,000 as we should. And yet, any work must be paid. For some, it’s his bread.

representatives of Flarrow Films

A few hours after the announcement of the plans to create dubbing, Flarrow Films received as a donation about 3,000 rubles.

Back in late January 2022, the studio released a dubbed trailer for “Moon Knight”. He was voiced by, among others, voice actors Oleg Belov (“Ralph”), Mikhail Glushkovsky (“Cold Heart 2”), Mikhail Danilyuk (“Dark Times”), as well as Elena Lunina, Tatiana Tarasova and Alina Likhacheva, who voiced heroes of the series “Mandalorets”, “Bob Fett’s Book” and others for Flarrow Films.

Trailer with dubbing from Flarrow Films

Formerly the Red Head Sound studio, which brings together professionals in voice, editing and translation, announcedthat will release episodes of the series “Moon Knight” in 7-10 days after release. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The first episode of “Moon Knight” was released on Disney Plus on March 30. The average rating of the series on Metacritic made up 69 points out of 100.

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