Five reasons to replace a paper book with an e-book. And a couple of reasons not to do it

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Everywhere with you

Imagine a situation: you are going on vacation to another country for a month (a very optimistic forecast in our difficult times). The suitcase is full of clothes, swimsuits, cosmetics, all kinds of sunscreen, etc. If you can’t imagine a vacation without reading, you will have to fit at least 3-4 large books – they take up a lot of space and weigh a couple of kilograms. On the way back to the suitcase you will have to additionally stuff souvenirs bought on vacation, new clothes and other necessary things. But all the literature I read will probably go home, it’s still a pity to throw it away.

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Everything is much easier with an e-book. Even in the case, she will be thinner than Dontsova’s most haphazard detective. Modern “readers” weigh about 200-300 grams, but they contain tens of thousands of novels by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and other classics. To switch between works, just press a couple of buttons – you do not need to carry several volumes.

Eyes in place

Often people who do not want to buy e-books talk about the potential harm to the eyes. They say that if you look at the screen of such a “reader” for a long time, you can quickly plant sight. The roots of this fear are clear – not very savvy bibliophiles believe that the display of a standard “pocketbook” or “kindle” is no different from the display of a smartphone / tablet. We hasten to upset (or make happy) such people – this information is far from reality.

Modern “readers” are equipped with screens on electronic ink, they are also called e-ink. The meaning of the technology is that it mimics ordinary printing on standard paper. There is no built-in backlight, which can make your eyes tired when reading. When the user looks at the display, he sees ordinary ink on a matte surface. So an e-book is no more harmful to eyesight than a traditional one. This is also said medical researchheld within the framework of a burning topic.

Big savings

Even if you discard the very attractive (and not very legal) idea of ​​downloading pirated books, buying a licensed electronic version will still be much cheaper than paper. Simply compare prices in stores to make sure. For example, let’s take a couple of the first books we came across.

Tatiana Ustinova’s fresh detective novel “Girls, I’m here!” in ordinary bookstores it sells for an average of 623 rubles, and in the popular online service it can be downloaded for 339 rubles. Or take the American classic – “The Financier” by Theodore Dreiser. The cheapest paperback book sells for 187 rubles, and the electronic version is almost twice as cheap – 99 rubles.

Yes, if you limit yourself to one work or collection of essays per month, the savings will be small (after all, not a cheap electronic reader also needs to “beat”). But if you “absorb” at least a couple of books a week, the benefits will be obvious.

Once – and done

Electronic readers save not only money but also the owner’s time. It takes a couple of minutes to buy and download a new book – just find the right work in the search and enter the bank card number (or pay for the purchase in a second via Apple Pay /Google Pay, etc.).

The process of purchasing a paper edition can take several days. Well, if next to a bookstore or, sorry for the archaism, the library. Well, if not, you will have to either go on a “journey” or wait for an online order. At best, the courier will bring the book in half a day, at worst – well, you probably know.

Convenience in everything

Paper bookmarks are, of course, cute, but electronic counterparts are much more convenient. Holders of “readers” do not need to bend the corners of the pages and look in the backpack for some wrappers of chocolates to insert them between the sheets and quickly open the book next time. Just turn on the screen and the reader will show the text on which the owner stopped last time. In e-books you can make many bookmarks, in addition, there is a search by words – it’s easy to find the necessary fragment in a couple of seconds.

Some models of modern (and not very) e-books support Wi-Fi, so the user has the opportunity to google some information. It is not necessary to get a phone or go to a computer in this case – all this can be done on one device.

Is it time to change?

It is foolish to say that e-books are better than usual in all aspects. Naturally, readers also have enough disadvantages. A standard “reader” is unlikely to withstand contact with water or a fall, even from a small height. They easily fail screens, which are replaced by a decent amount – it is often easier and cheaper to just buy a new device. In addition, it, like any other gadget, can be discharged at the most inopportune moment.

But if you are prepared for these disadvantages and do not believe that “there is no soul in e-books”, even the most primitive reader with an e-ink screen will be a good purchase for the home and the perfect companion on any trip.

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