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Just turn on and watch the movie without the hassle, torrent downloads and plenty of advertising. Quickly switch to a news, sports or educational TV channel. Watch at home on TV, and on trips on a laptop or smartphone. All this is the advantage of the Wink video service from Rostelecom.

Wink Is a video service that combines online cinema and interactive television. Works on any platform (TVs, set-top boxes, PCs, smartphones) with any Internet. In addition to movies, TV series and TV, it offers educational content, audiobooks, radio and more. And to connect, you do not even need e-mail, the account is created using a phone number in a few clicks.

1. Huge amount of content

Everyone wants to have a large selection of TV series, movies and TV channels. At the same time, the convenience and efficiency of finding the right movie or channel is important.

Against the background of other online cinemas, Wink has a great variety of content. Here is an impressive selection of series and movies (more than 50 thousand), including exclusiveis premieres.

The service helps to navigate the abundance of movies and TV series. For example, there are collections of films from Wink – the best circus movies, the best comedies or selections of actors.

It is important that Wink also has exclusive content that is downloaded for this service and published earlier than elsewhere. For example, a series of new Russian TV series “Chernobyl” with Igor Petrenko and Nadezhda Mikhalkova is currently on the service.

There are concerts and even karaoke. Ba large selection of literature of various genres for children and adults – in the format of audiobooks.

Wink – It’s not just entertainment. There are lectures for schoolchildren from the educational project “Rostelecom Lyceum”, which will help to study and prepare for the exam. As well as business trainings, fitness lessons and much more.

2. Always free TV channels

Because the Wink video service is operated by a television service provider, there are always free federal terrestrial channels. From can be watched even without registration in the service.

Wink always allows you to watch 20 federal terrestrial TV channels included in digital TV packages for free. This is the First, the group channel “Russia”, NTV, STS, TNT and others.

There are hundreds of TV channels in Wink. At the same time it is convenient to look for them: it is not necessary to leaf through the list for a long time, channels are already divided into categories: on-air, sports, children’s, cognitive, regional and so on. Wink subscribers or Rostelecom subscribers can control viewing – recording, pausing, watching from the program archive.

3. Wink can be viewed anywhere

One of the important advantages of the Wink video service is that it can be watched anywhere on several types of gadgets: TVs (Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV, LG Smart TV), set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

It is enough to register only on one device. And then on the other enter by phone number. At the same time, all connected options are synchronized on five different devices that can be connected to the account and disconnected at any time.

This is very convenient. You can take a laptop to the country or to friends, log in to your account, and everything will be available the same as at home.

And even more. You can watch a movie or TV series without the Internet. Enough of it download in advance.

4. There is no advertising in Wink

There are no intrusive advertisements, pop-ups or commercials on Wink movies and TV series that interrupt the movie at unrealistic volume. The service does not earn on advertising at all.

Advertising is available only on TV channels. But here you can use the rewind function and just scroll through the ads.

5. Movies for free and at a discount

The service provides an opportunity to choose the appropriate use. You can use it constantly by issuing one of the proposed subscriptions.

The most budget subscription now – Wink for 199 rubles. It includes 122 TV channels and more than 25,000 movies and TV series. There is an auction subscription “Transformer” costs 399 rubles a month, and the first month can be used for free. It has 250 TV channels and more than 50,000 movies and TV series.

You can use Wink from time to time. For example, follow promotions and promo codes from Rostelecom and receive subscriptions for free.

Until May 9, you can get a promo code for a three-month Transformer subscription. Promo codes among other prizes are drawn in Three Stories gamelaunched on together with Rostelecom for the Victory Day.

In addition, Wink has a selection of free movies, TV series and cartoons, such as “Cloud Atlas”, “Time Loop”, “The King Speaks” and others. You can watch them even without subscribing to the service.

Any Wink subscriber can also open a virtual cinema and arrange a joint viewing of a movie or series with up to five people. All you have to do is select and pay for a movie or TV series in the section of the same name and send a link to it to your friends. The service is provided to friends free of charge.

There is a very convenient feature “Movie Sharing”. If you started watching a movie and didn’t like it, you can change it.

There are other advantageous options for using Wink. For example, Mir cardholders can receive a 25% cashback for their first purchase on Smart TV, in the app or on the website until July.

But Tele2 subscribers can change minutes for Wink movies. The cost of the film in minutes is equal to its duration. For example, if a movie lasts 1 hour 35 minutes, it will be available in 95 minutes of the traffic package.

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