Films with terrible reviews from critics, but stunning audience ratings, like Morbius

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Often film critics and viewers cannot find common ground. Take, for example, the recently released film Morbius. Critics have given the film bad reviews and ratings, but viewers adore it. Critics evaluate films much more deeply than ordinary viewers. They carefully study and analyze films with special care.

It was suggested that reviews and reviews of critics should help people decide on the choice of film. But, as we will see later, there is often a sharp gap between the opinion of critics and viewers. Aren’t critics too critical? Today we will look at a few films that received poor reviews from critics, but received a terrific audience. Ratings are based on data from the Rotten Tomatoes website (a popular aggregator of reviews).

1. We are the Millers (2013)
Critics rating: 49%
Audience rating: 72%

This movie was very fun! He had a terrific plot and a great cast. Viewers liked the film, and it remains a favorite for many to this day! A funny movie that can lift the mood of the gloomiest of us on the most difficult day! The simplicity of the plot was a big plus! Also, the silly humor in this movie is really fun! You just can’t watch this movie without a smile on your face! Alas, critics took the film too seriously and gave it a bad rating.

2. The Lion King (2019)
Critics rating: 52%
Audience rating: 88%

Critics praised the film compared to the original. This was the reason for the low score. However, viewers liked the film, and it became a big hit in 2019. The filmmakers did a great job and were rewarded with an impressive 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As with other films on this list, critics disagreed. However, a gap of 36% is sure to be puzzling!

3. Venom (2018)
Critics rating: 30%
Audience rating: 81%

The difference between the assessments of critics and viewers here is very large. “Venom” was an interesting and inventive interpretation of a comic book character. The film had its highlights, and it was well appreciated by viewers, who put it 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. The plot was simple and promising, and the antagonist Riot was also good. The critics, however, were too harsh. 30% is all they could extract from their poison. The 51% difference between the two ratings made us wonder if they watched the same movie?

4. The greatest showman (2017)
Critics rating: 57%
Audience rating: 86%

This is one of the films on the list, where, in our opinion, the critics were right. There were good songs in the film, but no more. The plot was superficial, and the acting is also not very good. I don’t know why the audience loved the film so much that they gave it 86% on “Rotten Tomatoes”. Honestly, 57% of critics seem to us quite generous! Hmm!

5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Critics rating: 50%
Audience rating: 89%

Delusional, crazy and meaningless plot, combined with murderous camera work and good actors, inevitably leads to the birth of a masterpiece. It only takes critics time to realize this, and you can’t fool the audience’s heart!

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