Filming with Pak Soo Jun and Ayu is over

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March 29 Pak So Jun and АйЮ, the main actors of the film “Dream”, arrived in Korea from Budapest after filming. The shooting lasted two years. They stopped several times due to the situation with COVID-19.

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Unfortunately, although filming has already been completed, it is still unknown whether the film will be released in 2022, because there is still post-production. There is also a high demand for Hollywood movies this year.

Director Lee Byeon Hoon’s “Dream” (“Extreme Work”) tells the story of people trying to take part in the World Cup, an annual international football event. Pak So Jun plays Yun Hong De, a professional footballer on a disciplinary probationary period who becomes the coach of a football team made up of a wide variety of people. АйЮ starring Lee So Ming, a director who is making a documentary about the team. Lee Hyun Woo will also appear in the film as one of the players.

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