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Filming of the third season of “Mandalorez” is coming to an end

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According to the media, the shooting of the third season of “Mandalorez” is over. The costume team has already gone on a well-deserved vacation, and the production of the show is entering its final stage. It is assumed that work is already underway on the final installation and polishing of special effects.

According to the latter leaks, in the continuation of the series, viewers will see the home planet of the main character Mandalor. The authors of the series have prepared a large-scale battle, which will be performed at the level of a full-fledged film from the series “Star Wars”. The third season will show a large-scale battle between the protagonists and new villains.

The premiere of the new season of “Mandalorez” is scheduled for the end of 2022. The first episodes will probably be released in late November or December.

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