Filming of a Russian film in Israel has been canceled

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The filming of the Russian film “Righteous” by director Sergei Ursulyak, which was supposed to include the shooting of scenes in Israel with Israeli actors, including Dove Glickman, was canceled as part of sanctions against Russia.

Due to the war between Russia * and Ukraine shooting movie The Righteous One has been abolished.

In recent months, the Russian film crew has been working on a new film, which was to be shot in the coming days in Israel by director Sergei Ursulyak. The cast included 13 local actors, including Dov Glickman and Uri Hochman, but this morning it was announced that filming had been postponed due to the closure of banks in Russia.

“His professional team was delighted with the level of actors in Israel, and after rehearsals last Thursday, filming was set to begin on Wednesday this week,” wrote casting director Amira Buzaglo.

Antitrust law against Russia with Israeli banks came into force on Thursday night, and funds from Russia cannot enter Israel.

“It is very sad. I and the whole film crew are waiting for everything to return to normal and soon everyone will be able to shoot again. The director personally asked to pass the letter he wrote to the actors, “Buzaglo said.

Earlier, the Cursor wrote that famous Israeli theater and film actor Joseph Carmon has died.

* – Until the complete denazification of Russia, the editorial board of “Cursor” refuses to show respect for the occupiers and murderers and will write some of their own names exclusively and in principle in lower case. No to war!

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