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Gerard Depardieu began his acting career in the small theater “Cafe de la Gare”. He made his film debut in 1967 in Hipster and the Dude. In 1974, Depardieu starred in Bertrand Blie’s “Waltzing” – work in this film brought Depardieu real popularity. In the following years, Depardieu significantly diversified his roles and became perhaps the main French actor of the 80’s and 90’s, starring in almost 200 films, which collected the most box office in France. In addition, Depardieu, an established winemaker. His product is known around the world, including in Russia, where he received citizenship. However, Depardieu, who considers himself a “citizen of the world”, may now lose his Russian passport – due to criticism of events in Ukraine. See how the famous film actor Gerard Depardieu has changed over the years in the photo report.

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