Film blunders and historical inaccuracies in the series “Foundation: Ottoman”

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In recent years, the fashion for the exotics of the Middle East has led to the growing popularity of Turkish cinema among Russian viewers. After the success «Magnificent century»There was a great interest in projects based on historical events. And so, 5 years after the release of the last series of the cult saga, an army of fans gathers a new high-budget project “Foundation: Ottoman” with Burak Ozchivit in the lead role.

The series, oversaturated with pathetic sweet-spoken dialogues, strong warriors and wise instructions, glorifies the wealth and power of the Ottoman Empire. But behind the facade of the verified beautiful picture and plausible scenery there are a number of historical inaccuracies, despite the fact that the creators of the series were advised by a professor and historian of education.

What is the series about?

“Foundation: Osman” continues the story of the series “Resurrected Ertugrul” about the Turkic ruler of the mid-thirteenth century – Ertugrul. According to the plot of the sequel, he gives unlimited power to his son Osman Ghazi. The series will show the path of the ruler – the ancestor of the powerful Ottoman dynasty, which has always ruled the Ottoman state since 1299.

As an ambitious leader, Osman dreams of expanding the borders of a state that at that time was only the territory of Phrygia. To achieve the goal he has to face losses, trials, betrayal. The young ruler will meet the love of a lifetime, as well as more than once fight internal and external enemies. The heir is destined to become the founder of a powerful empire in northwestern Asia Minor, named after him the Ottoman Empire.

Grounds: Ottoman

What are movie blunders?

Figures and geography

Historians note clear anachronisms. The creators are confused about the dates and ages of the heroes.

Ertugrul died in 1281 at the age of 93. Osman was then 21 years old. However, in the series Ertugrul is still alive, when Osman is already 23, which, of course, is impossible. It is also known that Ertugrul went to Konya before his death. According to the film, he was about 85. But according to historical data, he was older.

Another chronological discrepancy is related to the age when Osman met Bala-khatun. According to the plot, this happened when the ruler was 23, but in reality Osman married her at the age of 19. In addition, her father Edebali was an ally of Ertugrul, and they were very close. So it is unlikely that Osman did not meet the girl before.

It is known that Ertugrul’s successor became ruler at the age of 17 in 1277. Many of the Beyliks (small feudal estates in the Turkic lands controlled by the Bey) mentioned in the series did not even exist at the beginning of his reign. Small states that were already there at that time: Artukids, Chobanogullars, Karamanids, Inanchogullars, Menteshe, Pervane and Sahib-Ataogullars.

Film blunders and historical inaccuracies in the series
In the series, Osman met Bala-Khatun at 23, and in reality married her at 19

Political and cultural realities

The creators of the series sometimes neglect the accurate transmission of the realities of the time for the sake of greater entertainment and dynamics of the narrative. So, for example, there was no insidious plan with the abduction of Aigul, which is being implemented by Sofia and Kalanoz. The heroes who wanted to impersonate Osman could not do that. Under the laws of the time, criminals who abducted Muslim daughters were to be beheaded.

In addition, the costume designers of the project were wrong with the clothing styles of some of the heroines, including a friend of Edebali’s daughter. Adhering to Muslim traditions, women could not wear luxurious costumes with ornaments and patterns – this was considered unwise. The outfits we see in the frame began to be worn only in the next century.

Film blunders and historical inaccuracies in the series
There was really no plan to kidnap Aigul


Historians disagree with the image of the protagonist created for the film. Osman Ghazi was by no means as illiterate as he is shown in the series. On the contrary, he was considered an educated young man. Osman mastered the Qur’an and memorized it at the age of 19. And 4 years later he was already talked about as a smart and talented politician.

Film blunders and historical inaccuracies in the series
Osman Ghazi was considered an educated young man

What really happened in Osman’s personal life?

As we have already found out, in the series Bala she is Osman’s first wife. Edebali’s daughter could not conceive for a long time, and Ertugrul insisted on a second marriage so that the camp would not be left without an heir. Then Oshman’s second wife was Malhun, who had previously asked her future husband to protect her people. Both wives could not stand each other, although they eventually became friends. Bala became pregnant, and Malhun gave birth to a son.

In real life, things were a little different. Malhun-hatun was the first wife to give birth to the husband of Orhan’s heir. Bala became Osman’s second wife. There is a version that she gave birth to a son named Alaeddin, who was a great vizier during the reign of Orhan. Curiously, the wives really became friends.

Film blunders and historical inaccuracies in the series
Malhun-hatun was the first wife to give birth to the husband of Orhan’s heir

Although the series is imperfect in terms of conveying historical facts, it tells the impressive story of the Ottoman Empire. And of course, the viewer will come to terms with some inaccuracies for the sake of a fascinating plot, which is addictive, like Turkish tobacco. And the light smoke will hide the veil of secrets of the powerful dynasty, arousing even greater interest in the viewer, who will not stop digging into real history in search of answers.

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