Fedor Fomin made a “remix of the icon”

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“It was a creative challenge to remix the icon. Kamburova, Artemyev. Colleagues will understand. A man in love with his wife wanted to make her a gift and asked me to do so. It turned out that it turned out. And when they finished editing the clip from the original footage from the film, I cried… “- shares his experiences Fedor Fomin.

Autumn of 1918. In Russia, the Civil War. Moscow is occupied by the Bolsheviks. In the still white South of the country, a salon melodrama film called “Slave of Love” with the participation of silent film star Olga Voznesenskaya (prototype – Vera Kholodnaya) is being hastily filmed.
For the most part, the members of the film crew try not to be interested in the politics that are invading their lives and live as they have long been accustomed to. They see the continuation of their usual life in Paris… Unless the cameraman Potocki, an underground revolutionary, deliberately participates in the armed confrontation between the Reds and the Whites. Referring to “laboratory marriage”, he writes off the film, which he then uses for illegal filming of white atrocities for the purpose of red propaganda «

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