Fedor Bondarchuk, who remained silent, made a statement

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The director spoke about the future of his program.

The program “Movie in detail»Has existed on domestic television for more than 15 years. The project is loved by viewers, but recently there were rumors about its possible closure. The host of the program, director Fedor Bondarchuk, did not comment on the situation for a long time, but recently made a statement.

He made no secret of the fact that the future of the transfer was indeed in jeopardy. It turned out that Bondarchuk doubted how interesting the show was to viewers. As a result, he came to an important conclusion.

“I thought for a long time how to be … And today a hint arrived,” said Fedor Sergeyevich in the recent issue of the program “Cinema in Detail”. The hint was the fact that at one of the prestigious festivals there was a screening of the film “Nick” by Bondarchuk’s studio. Moreover, actress Elizaveta Yankovskaya, who played the main character on the screen, was awarded the prize “For Outstanding Performance”.

All this prompted the director to think that it is necessary to make and discuss films, and “the abolition of culture is unacceptable.” Thus, Bondarchuk made it clear to fans that his show will continue to exist.

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