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Fedor Bondarchuk unraveled Christina Asmus’ dirty secret

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We decided to revive the obsculennoe theme again.

The program “Movie in detail” invited Fedor Bondarchuk and Christina Asmus. There, Fedor decided to recall the candid scenes of Asmus in the film “Lucy” with Danila Kozlovsky and reminded of an even older scandal over the film “Text” with Ivan Yankovsky.

The director decided to screw up the actress and suggested that she likes provocations. Especially those who like to watch it. And there are prerequisites – Christina herself said that she tried with Danila Kozlovsky and everyone liked it. And in the film they have as many as two bed scenes.

“Again? Christina, admit it, you’re fine. Don’t drive everyone by the nose. You like to undress! ” – suggested Fyodor Bondarchuk’s love for voyeurism.

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