Fashion makeover: Selena Gomez repeated the image of Audrey Hepburn for a million dollars – News

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Photo: instagram.com/@selenagomez/

The famous actress and singer delighted the audience at the US SAG Awards 2022.

Selena Gomez was assisted in her admiration by one of the modern fashion stylists, Kate Young. He, in turn, was inspired by the image of the legendary English actress Audrey Hepburn, who is considered by many to be a model of beauty.

That’s why the 29-year-old American star appeared in public in a low-cut black satin dress and boat shoes, as reported by “LENTA.RU”. But on Selena Gomez’s neck shone a real treasure – a diamond necklace from Bulgari, decorated with more than 200 stones. The cost of the decoration is one million dollars (100 million rubles). At the same time, the actress’ ears were decorated with minimalist earrings, and her hair was gathered in a high smooth bundle, which gave a special beauty and harmony to the image.

Photo: instagram.com/@selenagomez/, instagram.com/@selenagomez/

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