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You probably know such readers who do not undertake unfinished cycles or wait for the author to at least announce the last volume. Or maybe such a reader is you! This decision is understandable – sometimes it is scary to start a story without having an idea when it will be possible to get acquainted with it in its entirety. It is one thing when an author writes one book for 3-4 years – you can stand it. But it is a completely different matter when the new part is not ready and ten years after the previous one. Or, worse, new books are published regularly, but there are still no solutions.

We present five unfinished cycles, which, despite not even the absence of the finale, deserve attention. The authors skillfully tease the imagination of readers, forcing them to speculate about the fate of their favorite heroes.

“Song of Ice and Flame” by George Martin

“Song of Ice and Flame” is, without a doubt, the most famous unfinished cycle of fantasy today. Martin began writing it in 1991 as a trilogy, but gradually “Song« “grew to seven books, of which only five were written. It was she who made Martin the cult author of fantasy and changed the trajectory of the genre as a whole. Stories of the struggle of Good and Evil with well-defined heroes and unambiguous morals have been replaced by a rigid pseudo-historical fantasy, in which political intrigue plays a big role, there are no right or wrong, and the characters act solely in their own interests. Martin’s findings such as the “murder” of even the main protagonists, the creation of extremely charismatic antiheroes and their serious evolution in the course of the plot are now used everywhere.

The events of “Dance of the Dragons” – the last in the history of the cycle, published in 2011, end in serious problems for many heroes – John Snow is killed in a riot, Daenerys falls into the hands of the pre-Thracian tribe, Cersei loses power and is punished by a shameful march and Stannis prepares to attack Winterfell. We all know how the story ended in the series, but Martin said that in the books at least some lines will end differently. Reports of the imminent writing of “Winter Winds” have appeared regularly since 2014, but Martin is constantly distracted by other projects – from TV series to computer games. In his latest report on work in 2021, which he released in early March, the 73-year-old writer said that work on the sixth novel was slower than in 2020, but there is progress, and the world of Westeros is still his priority. He does not name the date of publication, much less say “Dreams of Spring”, the supposed last novel of the series.

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