Fans praise BTS’s Chimin for great etiquette at the Grammy Awards

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Chimin he was always known for his kindness and courtesy, not only in his choice of words, but also in his actions. Although he is already known as one of the most polite and well-mannered idols, fans were pleasantly surprised when they were reminded of this fact once again, watching him at the recently concluded 64th awards ceremony “Grammys“Which was visited by the participants BTS.

In addition to the stellar aura Chimina , his iconic performance on stage and first-class visual effects, thanks to which he conquered all social networks, fans noticed in him and other aspects that made them fall in love with him even more. Basically, they discussed how well he was brought up, as evidenced by various moments of the show, from the red carpet, when he shook hands with other celebrities, interacted with the participants during the main show, and ending Influence-broadcast after the show. His natural leadership qualities were also discussed, which was evident during the show.

Fans admired how fame and success did not change him at all, and he still maintains respect for his values. They also admire his parents, who raised him that way, and keep praising their idol and saying how proud they are of him.

Another attractive quality for fans was its “cold, calm and collected” atmosphere with a sense of self-worth. According to them, watching him during his conversations with other celebrities, they noticed that his behavior never changes, even when he is next to the biggest stars in the world. He stays calm and smiles politely at everyone, talks to someone or poses for photos only when he is approached first, which is admired by fans.

That’s why Chimin is a role model for many young performers.

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