Fans of the show “Mask” chose the winner of the third season of the project. Photo

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NTV viewers have chosen the most worthy, in their opinion, participant.

Jury of the show “Mask”. Photo: PR NTV

The third season of the most protected project, the Mask show, is coming to an end on NTV. The superfinal will take place next Sunday, May 1 “Masks”which was attended by four participants out of fourteen.

In the final for victory the Dragon will fight, Anubis, Monster and Bee. And in the telegram channel of the show “Mask” right now there is a vote. Fans of the project name the participant who, in their opinion, should win.

According to preliminary data, the most votes in the Monster – 37 percent, in second place Anubis – 31 percent. So far, three thousand people have voted. It is possible that this may still change.

Who will win in Mask on NTV
Preliminary results of the voting of Mask fans. Photo: screen

“I would like the Dragon, the Bee or the Monster to remove Capricorn and Amanita. But Anubis will win because he is adored by the jury “,” I would like to be a Monster, but I think it is a Dragon “,” Of course, our favorite bully is a Monster! ” – Mask fans called their favorite.

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