fans of the show are disappointed with the departure of the Horse project

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Viewers admitted that they would like to see talented vocalist and parodist Nonna Grishaeva in the final.

Nonna Grishaeva – Horse in the show “Mask”. Photo: PR NTV

On the eve of March 8, NTV showed the fourth issue of the new season of the most protected project – the show “Mask”. In its finale, the judges decided to expose the participant in the Horse costume.

They turned out to be a famous actress who also works in the genre parodies, Nonna Grishaeva. The star admitted that she was disappointed with the decision of the “Mask” jury, as she is able to change voices due to her profession.

By the way, none of the judges could guess who was in a mask Horses. When she was exposed, everyone was surprised to see Nonna Grishaeva.

Fans of the project are now speaking on social networks, they admit that they are disappointed with the departure of the Horse, considering her one of the brightest participants.

“Nonna is gorgeous! Opened in vain! ”,“ It was a very insulting end to the release… Nonna had to be in the finals! ”,“ At first I didn’t like the performance in two issues, and then I was captivated. Well done! ”“ Leo and the Joker had to be removed. Annoying “,” It’s a pity we won’t see the Horse Mask again this season! It is a pity that the most talented Nonna Grishaeva was revealed. We adore her with the whole family! ” – spoke on the Web.

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