fans of the project predicted the fate of Anubis in the final

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NTV viewers expressed radically opposite views.

Anubis on the show “Mask”. Photo: PR NTV

The third season of the most protected project of the NTV channel is a show “Mask” – is nearing completion.

May 1 will take place superfinal a project in which four of the fourteen participants took part.

Fight for victory in the superfinal of the third season of “Masks” will be Anubis, Monster, Dragon and Bee.

In the telegram channel of the show “Mask”, fans of the project answered the question of what place, in their opinion, in the superfinal will be Anubis.

There is no consensus among viewers. Some believe that Anubis deserves first place, others tell them that only from the end.

“It simply came to our notice then. Boring character “,” First place – Monster “,” I hope the first from the end “,” First place Monster, second – Dragon, third – Anubis “,” Anubis no way “. I hope – the fourth “,” I support Anubis! The first! ” – spoke on the Web.

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