Fans of Tamin (SHINee) are pleasantly surprised to see the idol in the news about Roblox

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Tamin served his fans with all his heart and soul from August 2020 to May 2021, releasing beautiful songs (2 KIDS, Criminal, Black Rose, IDEA: 理 (本 데아), Heaven, Advice, Just Me and You), and at the end May Tamin was called to serve again, but this time to his nation.

Nine months have passed since then, and we definitely miss him. For now, everyone feels a kind of emptiness on the music scene due to the lack of charming and spicy scenes of the king of performances Teminahe recently “appeared” unexpectedly.

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Yonhap News channel released a video published by a fan on February 27, 2022, where the photo Temina appeared in the game Roblox.

Photo posted in the game Robloxwas made at one of the performances SHINee with «1 of 1 ″ on MBC Music Core.

Roblox Is an online platform where users can develop games, create characters, and play with other users. Using the instructions provided Robloxusers can embody their ideas for games and earn on their creation.

According to Yonhap News TV, “Communication and activities through virtual characters are popular among young people».

Appearance Temina in popular online games, it is not surprising, because in a recent poll he was among the idols that teenagers are looking for the most.

Even before this news came out, the players Roblox began to add Temina in their games.

Players also created an image similar to an idol’s outfit.

User created in Roblox clothes that look like a stage costume Temina performing with “Don’t Call Me” on MCountdown.

Fans in the game Roblox dance under Temina.

Advertising Roblox from fans – “See” Criminal “Tamina”.

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