Fans of “Mask” named the winner of the third season of the NTV channel project

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Viewers have put forward their versions of who might be the leader.

Members of the jury of the show “Mask”. Photo: PR NTV

NTV has already released seven issues of the third season of the most protected project – the show “Mask”.

There are five more broadcasts ahead, including the final one. Struggle it is getting hotter, the strongest participants in the project remain. And fans of the show have already decided on their names favorites.

The telegram channel of the show “Mask” asked who, in the opinion of the channel’s subscribers, will be able to win in the third season.

Most spoke in favor of Capricorn, the favorites are Monster, Bee and Amanita.

“I think Capricorn. He has a very good range and a beautiful voice “,” Anubis or Capricorn “,” Dragon or Amanita “,” Pff, of course, everyone thinks that Capricorn will win “,” Yes, he is the most worthy on this show “,” Capricorn is powerful artist “, – said on the Web.

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