Fans are wondering why Sergei Lazarev will perform at the concert For Russia

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Fans of the singer Sergei Lazarev are building theories around the news about the artist’s participation in the patriotic concert “For Russia” in Lipetsk. The RuNet recalled the pop star’s statements against the military operation and suspected that Lazarev would not act of his own accord.

The news has spread on the Internet that the singer Sergei Lazarev will take part in a patriotic concert in support of the special operation “For Russia”, which will be held on April 29 in Lipetsk. This was reported by local media, which published a poster of the event.

Music lovers noticed the name of Sergei Lazarev on the concert poster "For Russia".  They suspect that the singer could have been forced
Poster for the concert “For Russia”

The announcement upset Sergei Lazarev’s supporters, who do not support the military operation in Ukraine. Upon learning of the performance, they immediately expressed their disappointment with the idol.

However, other fans recalled that the singer was one of the first to openly speak out against the armed conflict on Instagram (part of Meta, whose activities are considered extremist in Russia), but then deleted the post. Netizens shared suspicions about possible pressure on Lazarev.

The Internet has developed a theory that Sergei Lazarev could be threatened with childbirth by surrogate mothers or because of rumors about his bisexual orientation.

Assumptions that the singer may appear at patriotic concerts, users of the RuNet have expressed before. Now their suspicions have been confirmed.

Although many fans sympathize with Sergei Lazarev and do not believe in his sincere desire to support the special operation, critics believe that the singer is an adult and wealthy man who could defend his position.

Earlier, Medialeaks reported on a video in which the leader of the group “Elysium” against the background of white state walls apologized for the white and blue flag at the concert and disowned anti-war speeches on the future.

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