Famous actors who gave up fame and found the most common job

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For many of us mere mortals, becoming a real star is the limit of dreams. Being on the red carpet, giving right and left interviews, bathing in the adoration of fans… The easiest and surest way to fame for the whole country or the whole world is still acting. From the big screen it is easier to show yourself in all its glory, so that the next day you are guaranteed to wake up famous. Millions of people aspire to be actors, but only a small part of them are lucky. The harder it is, when you have achieved a lot, to take and give up all the bonuses and benefits. However, some famous actors have consciously returned to almost nothingness, from which they were so diligently chosen at the beginning of their once stellar career.

Some leave the world of cinema because of the lack of opportunity to express themselves, others understand that their vocation is in something else, and others may be happy to linger in the spotlight, but the circumstances are beyond their desires.

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