Falling out breasts and eerie frills. Oscar 2022 stars who need to fire stylists

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The Oscars are not just about giving awards for achievements in the field of cinema. The ceremony provokes a flurry of discussions also because of the star outfits. This year, too, did not go unnoticed.

Thus, Billy Ailish’s outfit provoked an extremely ambiguous reaction. Many fans thought that the stylists had chosen a very unfortunate outfit for the singer, which fills her. Only the lazy did not criticize the black dress with an abundance of frills.

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Ume Thurman also got it. In this case, critics were dissatisfied with the excessive modesty of the Hollywood diva. Against the background of other actresses, the star really looked very gray – as if trying on an office dress code. At the same time, Uma’s fans were delighted with her choice.

Director Jane Campion also could not pleasantly surprise the audience with her outfit. Her black dress seemed grim and out of place. However, Campion was never known as a fashionista. On the contrary, the director relied on creative achievements, not on external attributes.

Actress Tracy Ellis Ross almost found herself in an awkward situation due to the excessive sexuality of the outfit. The fact is that her breasts every now and then tried to slip out of the deep neckline. The actress tried to hide her embarrassment and smiled on the red carpet, but the impression of her exit was marred.

And yet there were many more successful outfits this year. Kristen Stewart, Jessica Chastain and Mila Kunis received the most compliments. Men were also praised: especially admired comments were made to Timothy Shalame.

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