“Fall in love”: Daineko admitted that she is in a relationship

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34-year-old singer Victoria Daineko admitted that she had a new romantic relationship.

The star decided not to hide his feelings and shared with “Russian Radio” details of his personal life.

“I fell in love, yes! He knows, I honestly confessed right away. I was the first to write: “Hello, how are you?” I saw the photo and wrote it, ”Daineko admitted.

According to the star, she met a new lover on the Internet.

Victoria noted that her new chosen one is a private person. Getting acquainted, the actress wrote to him not from a personal account, but from where there were no photos of her. At the same time, according to Daineko, despite private meetings, she still has not told her boyfriend that she is engaged in music. He, in turn, apparently is so far from the world of show business that he did not realize that he was building a relationship with a famous singer.

Victoria Daineko was previously married to singer Dmitry Kleiman. The couple has a daughter.

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