Eyebrows-arches, lips with a bow: Nicole Kidman has changed beyond recognition for the role of the actress of the 50s

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“I love Lucy” – a sitcom of the 50s, which made the actress in category B Lucille Ball the main US superstar of those years. Lucy starred in it with her husband – Desi Arnas, an American of Cuban descent. In fact, this tape became a biography of their family, but, of course, with plot twists on the script.

A scene from the series “I love Lucy”. Lucy Ball – pictured left. Photo: legion-media.ru

The project was a good way to combine the busy schedules of the couple and show the world unplayed feelings. Especially since at that time Lucy suspected Desi of infidelity – working together would help her keep track of her partner. At the time, the show really established a relationship between the couple.

During the filming, she became pregnant with her daughter and decided to show her pregnancy, which was considered unacceptable at the time (it was not customary to show women in the position on air). Spoiler: Long-term cooperation has led to a divorce.

The series fully revealed the comical side of Boyle: her ability to beg and build faces, while looking not stupid, but funny. Her chips were eyebrows creeping on her forehead in surprise, saucer eyes, bewildered facial expressions and lips folded into a “tube”.

The funny scenes of the show were laughed at all over America (more than 60 million Americans watched Lucy every week), and later the whole world, when the show began to be broadcast in other countries. For example, in one of the episodes, Lucy decides to learn choreographic movements and stands at the machine, but instead of stretching, she constantly squats, bends, and in the end jumps on the machine.

Another famous series includes a conflict between Lucy and an Italian woman while trampling grapes. Their conversation ends with a fight, during which both find themselves at the bottom of a barrel of berries, all purple and dirty.

From the point of view of filming, the show was also interesting to watch. It was one of the first programs recorded in real time and in the presence of a “live” audience (real laughter). Thanks to her artistic and directing skills, Lucy and her husband were able to start their own TV production company, Desilu.

This is what the film “Being Ricardo” tells, starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem. As usual with biopics, the project immediately received many voices of skeptics. Nicole and Lucy are, of course, both talented artists of their time, but of completely different genres.

Kidman was virtually unnoticed in comedies, and it was difficult to portray her as a restless laugh: although the comedy required some moments, the picture itself is primarily a drama about two people who have cooled down to each other, a difficult path to the top of his career and how important is laughter through tears.

According to Nicole herself, the most difficult thing was to imitate the hoarse voice of her heroine – she smoked for a long time and had a peculiar manner of speaking. Judging by the way Kidman looks in the frame, she was also thoroughly worked by make-up artists who turned her real thick eyebrows into threads (most likely, real bleached and painted arcs on top) and picked up a special shade of lipstick and false eyelashes – the star in this image really not to know.

Not surprisingly, celebrity incarnations have been noticed by critics from the film academy. If the actress receives an Oscar for this role, it will be her second statuette after the film “Clock”. In the gallery, look at the star in a new role:

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