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Splatterpunk, or as it is called in the United States, extreme horror, is a literary genre whose distinctive features are detailed and realistic descriptions of such things as murder, torture, rape, necrophilia, pedophilia, kidnapping and other violence in its most terrible and perverted forms. The main characters are rarely positive characters, but belong to marginalized groups: drug addicts, alcoholics, the mentally ill. The philosophy of the genre is one: there are no taboos. This genre emerged as an attempt by the authors to dismiss cliché-ridden horror culture from mainstream authors like Stephen King and Dean Kunz. At the origins of Platter were writers such as Edward Lee, Clive Barker, Richard K. Lymon, and thanks to them, the boundaries of the genre have greatly expanded.

1. Monica J. O’Rourke and Rath James White “Poisoned Eros”.
Meet Gloria, an aging porn star, drug addict, failed wife and mother, seduced by the monstrous world of lewd sex and brutal deception, fighting to save her immortal soul and the soul of her only daughter from Hell … And you still think your life is ? The book is wildly tough even by the standards of the genre, but it is written in a very good syllable.

2. Tim Miller “Country Club”
The first book in the series, out of 5 books, by Tim Miller, opens the doors of a closed establishment modestly called the Country Club. There, behind closed doors, rich members of the elite give free rein to their atavistic instincts. The young blogger and a couple of her friends are trying hard to prove that such a club is not just one of the city’s legends, but a reality. Very soon they will realize that this is not just a reality, but a reality given in sensations … and in touch, too.

3. Jeff Strand “Killing”.
Jeff Strand, an American writer of comedy horror and splatterpunk, is a truly great author. The robber, driven by a desire to seize a beautiful female body, is dragged into the abyss of a paranormal hueta. .already dead.More precisely not quite dead.
The book is wildly funny, and I recommend listening to it in the great voice of Vladimir Knyazev (, for which he is very grateful.
I recommend everyone to check it out in order to find out that comedy splatterpunk exists and to raise your spirits so well.

4. Richard Lymon “Beast House: Basement”.

Great entertaining horror. We can say that the reference splatterpunk is a real classic, written at a time when the genre was just emerging. At the time of writing, Richard Lymon’s debut novel pleased with a relatively unconventional approach to the theme of the “bad” house, a fascinating plot with several intersecting storylines, cruelty and outspoken scenes. Lymon’s language is simple, but there is something almost wonderful about this simplicity. The novel is read easily and quickly. The idea of ​​combining two themes, each of which would draw on a full-fledged horror – a maniac-pervert and a house where monsters live, is very good. There is a good mystery and not all questions will be answered.

5. Edward Lee and Rath James White “Theratologist”.
Billionaire John Farrington is obsessed with insulting God so much that he wants to come to him in person. Farrington kidnaps priests and nuns and engages in sexual orgies involving the worst genetic cripples he can find. He keeps abducted people in a state of increased sexual activity with the help of a drug produced by his company. Captive Westmore and journalist Bryant are rarely given the opportunity to interview a wealthy recluse and see his mansion from the inside. behind every door. Farrington is confident that his plan will work. And he will do anything to meet God face to face.

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