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Explosive charge in the heart: 3 zodiac signs will strike a direct lightning bolt of love from 1 to 5 April

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Astrologers have clearly pointed to the signs of the zodiac, which will be struck by a direct lightning bolt of love from 1 to 5 April. Representatives of the three constellations will receive an explosive charge right in the heart, and they will literally lose their head due to the amount of emotions. These lucky people will be able to discover new romantic relationships.

An incredible spiritual upsurge in the personal life of Gemini awaits. Success will accompany them not only in work, but also in love affairs. Love, romance and full understanding are the main components of April for the representatives of the constellation. The stars promise them a new and emotional turn of events, provided that they do not impose on anyone and show too much aggression.

Absolute harmony and complete calm – this is how you can describe the situation in the relationship of all Capricorns. No hurricanes, storms or tsunamis threaten them this month. Astrologers recommend agreeing on dates, communicating with a nice person and listening to your heart – this time it will not deceive. Also a good time to reconcile with a relative, love and plan a wedding.

Finally, a bright streak will begin in the relationship between Pisces. All disputes will be resolved, compromises will be found, and reasons for quarrels will disappear. It is a good time for love, deepening relationships – now the owners of the sign will be able to forgive a loved one any offense and trouble. Still, it is worth trying to use this time for reconciliation.

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