Explains why Tony Stark died in “Avengers: The Finale” instead of Steve Rogers

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Explains why Tony Stark died in “Avengers: The Finale” instead of Steve Rogers

The film “Avengers: Final“Marked the end of” Infinity Saga “, and with it the story arches of some characters, in particular, the Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America, came to an end.

Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself for the Avengers to receive the Soulstone, and Tony Stark’s sacrifice resulted in Thanos and his army being reduced to dust after another click in the Infinity Glove. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers got a second chance at life when he returned to the past and decided to stay there with his girlfriend, Peggy Carter.

The other day, one of the film’s directors, Joe Rousseau, gave an interview to Deadline, where he decided to explainwhy Tony Stark’s death, in his opinion, made a greater impression than the victim of Steve Rogers.

You may have thought that Captain America would die, and that’s pretty obvious because you know he can go for it. But even in essence he is a hero, because he is a guinea pig in a scientific experiment. He is a wonderful character, but it is not necessary that he has the most convincing plot arch.

Tony Stark, this character was destined to die. If you look first «Iron manHe was supposed to die in the first five minutes of the film, but it didn’t happen. He was caught and has an ego, right? This film is about subduing his ego to become a hero. But then, the ego fuels him, and sometimes it does not make him realize that he is a hero. We chose a character who had an ego and that he would die for others. His plot arch seemed more convincing to us for him to sacrifice, so we chose him.

It has been almost three years since the release of “Avengers: Final“But fans still remember the main events of the tape, including the sacrifice of Tony Stark and the return of Cap to the past, as it has paid considerable attention to the MCU as a whole. Of course, the characters will still be mentioned in future projects, but it is unlikely that we will ever see the characters of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans on the screens.

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