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19 Come on

Ronit Keret's work from the exhibition "Crying on the glaciers"

The work of Ronit Keret from the exhibition “Crying on the Glaciers”

(Photo: Avi Hai)

Cultural life in Israel continues to delight fans of various arts. There are concerts, performances, music and theater shows, circus performances and exhibitions. “News” is a traditional overview of the most interesting events of the month.

The information is provided by the press services and is correct at the time of publication. “Vesti” recommends in any case to check with the sites and announcements of the organizers.

For convenience, all events are divided into categories.


■ Israeli vocal ensemble “Ha-Koli ha-Israel”

When: May 2, at 8:30 p.m.
Where: Tel Aviv, Museum of Fine Arts
In the program: concert № 4 – “From Winter to Summer” – a cappella concert, works by Naomi Schemer, Claude Debussy, Camille Saint-Saens, Giacomo Rossini, George Gershwin and others.
Ticket price: 135 shekels.
Order tickets here and by phone. 074-7012112

■ Enrico Macias

When: May 6, 9 and 11
Where: Tel Aviv, Geyhal Ha-Tarbut, Ashkelon, Geyhal Ha-Sport, Kiryat Motskin, Geyhal Ha-Theatron
In the program: hits of all time performed by King of Chanson Gaston Grenassia (real name Enrico) – a Jew of Algerian descent, accompanied by the Raanana Symphony Orchestra
Ticket price: 190-361 shek.
Order tickets here

■ Alla Reed with “I miss you, Israel”

When: May 18-23
Where: Netanya, Carmiel, Beersheba, Rishon LeZion, Haifa, Ashdod
In the program: Jewish music in Yiddish, popular oriental compositions in Hebrew, fusion arrangements of world jazz hits, Russian romances, French chanson, original songs and world rock and roll hits
Ticket price: 129-259 shek.
Order tickets here and by phone. 03-6960990

■ Cabaret Quartet – MozART Group

When: May 19-21
Where: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa
In the program: Mozart comes to town – hits of classical music in a new sound, in the most incredible and unpredictable forms of instrumental virtuoso music, but no less beautiful and recognizable
Ticket price: 175-291 shek.
Order tickets here


■ “Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead”

When: May 2, 6, 7 and 8
Where: Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Gesher Theater
About the play: restored by Amit Epstein, the play by director Eugene Arie. A kind of spin-off of “Hamlet”, where the main characters are two minor characters, and most of the events of Shakespeare’s tragedy take place behind the scenes
Ticket price: 125-250 shek.
Order tickets here

■ “One and a half stories” of the theater “Little”

19 Come on

Theater "Small": "One half story" Theater "Small": "One half story"

Theater “Small”: “One half story”

(Photo: Mark Tso)

When: May 12-14
Where: Tel Aviv, st. Homa y-Almond, 32
In the program: a documentary about children and adolescents who repatriated in the 1990s with their parents to Israel from the former Soviet Union
Ticket price: 96 shek.
Order tickets here

■ “The Enchanted Tailor. A Story of a Madness” by Zero Theater

19 Come on

Scene from the play "Enchanted tailor" Scene from the play "Enchanted tailor"

Scene from the play “The Enchanted Tailor”

(Photo: Alexander Khanin)

When: May 12 and 20
Where: Haifa, Tel Aviv
About the production: a play based on the works of Sholom Aleichem, based on a play based on an ancient Hasidic parable about a poor tailor named Shimen-Ele, nicknamed Vnemli Glas, who lived in Zlodeevka
Ticket price: 105-156 shek.
Order tickets here

■ Georg Friedrich Handel’s opera Alcina

19 Come on

Opera "Alcin" Opera "Alcin"

Opera “Alcina”

(Photo: Pini Siluk Photography, courtesy of the Israeli Opera )

When: May 16-30
Where: Tel Aviv, Opera House. Shlomo Lahata, shd. Shaul ha-meleh, 19
On stage: a masterpiece of baroque music – an opera about the sorceress Alcina, who enchants men to fulfill her desires. It is performed in Italian, subtitles in Hebrew and English
Ticket price: 150-320 shek.
Order tickets here, here and by phone. 03-6927777

■ “Extra person”

19 Come on

Scene from the play "Extra person"  Scene from the play "Extra person"

Scene from the play “Extra Man”

(Photo: Daniel Kaminski)

When: May 24-26
Where: Tel Aviv, Geyhal Ha-Tarbut, Zucker Hall
About the production: performance based on Goncharov’s “Oblomov” within the framework of the new cultural project Mitcha Figa, created by Ezekiel Lazarov
Ticket price: 159 shekels. Order tickets here


■ Transverse Orientation by Dimitris Papaioannu

When: May 1-2
Where: Tel Aviv, Opera House. Shlomo Lahata
In the program: leisurely choreographic performance, an ode-performance in which the flow of images, angels, demons and light is harmoniously intertwined with music
Ticket price: 201-401 shek.
Order tickets here and by phone. 03-6927777


■ Colombia

When: until July 16
Where: Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Karmiel
In the program: performance of the American circus, number “Iron Globe” with stuntmen on motorcycles, exclusive acrobatics “American wheel”, “Quartet under the dome” with tightrope walkers, number-secret “Giro, or Spider-Man”
Ticket price: 105 shekels, there are discounts
Order tickets here or by phone. * 2207


“What is she, love?” – exhibition of Alena Shleipak

19 Come on

Exhibit at the exhibition of Alena Shleipak Exhibit at the exhibition of Alena Shleipak

Exhibit at the exhibition of Alena Shleipak

(Photo provided by the organizer of the exhibition)

When: until May 8
Where: Raanana, a gallery on the lake
At the exhibition: works of contemporary artists, photographers, designers and sculptors of Israel, special emphasis on puppeteers
Details by phone 054-313-0469
Entrance free, the exhibition is also open on Fridays and Saturdays

■ “Water World” for the whole family

When: until June 5, weekdays and Saturdays – 10.00-17.00, Friday – 10.00-14.30
Where: Herzliya, Arena Canyon
In the program: interactive pavilions “Singing whales”. “In the depths”, “Free dive”, Infinity Room, performance “Atlantis” and a master class on drums “In the rhythm of the sea” with the ensemble “Mayuman”
Ticket price: 79 shekels.
Order tickets here

“Crying on the glaciers”

When: until November 27 Where: Rehovot, Institute. Weizmann, the building of the sciences of the Earth and the environment. the Zusman family
At the exhibition: two large site-specific installations and two videos on the theme of the ecological crisis in two non-traditional exhibition spaces
Hours to visit: Sun.-Thurs. – 9: 00-15: 00, admission is free
Details here

■ “Red thread …”

When: mon – Thu. 9: 00-16: 00, Fri. and before the holiday – 10: 00-13: 00, Sat. and holidays – 10: 00-14: 00, Sun. closed
Where: kibbutz Ein Harod, Mishkan Le Omanut Museum, Judaica Department
At the exhibition: steamer – curtains for the synagogue ark (aron ha-kodesh) and covers (mantles, mantle) for Torah scrolls from the museum’s collection by 5 artists
Ticket price: 15-40 shek., Fri. and Sat. – free of charge within the framework of the Shishi Shabbat Israel project
Details here

■ “Field Hospital X”

19 Come on

Exhibition "Field Hospital X"   Exhibition "Field Hospital X"

Exhibition “Field Hospital X”

(Photo: Elad Sarig, provided by the museum)

When: until May 14
Where: Tel Aviv, Eretz Israel Museum MUZA
At the exhibition: an art project in the form of a field hospital, a hospital, a clinical complex focused on the treatment of patients in society. As in the hospital, in this art project (aka installation, aka artistry, pavilion), visitors go through the reception room, treatment rooms, receive information booklets and treatment kits, watch training videos. All together – a space to hear and think – to hear the voices of others, to see social differences.
Ticket price: 52 shekels.
Order tickets here

■ Shishi Hofshi event at the Anu Museum

When: every Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00
Where: Anu Jewish Museum
In the museum: expositions on the history, culture and traditions of the Jewish people, organized tours, lectures in Russian
Entrance: free on Fridays
Order a visit here

■ Thumbnails

19 Come on

Moshe Zemter's grandmother's miniature kitchenMoshe Zemter's grandmother's miniature kitchen

Moshe Zemter’s grandmother’s miniature kitchen

(Photo: Daniel Rainer)

When: Mon., Tue., Thu. – 11: 00-14: 00, Sat. – 10: 30-13: 30
Where: Yokneam-Ilit, high-tech park, st. Ha-Tsmiha, 1
At the exhibition: a collection of miniatures created by Moshe Zemter
Entrance: 30 shekels, master class (on the last Saturday of the month) – 100 shekels.
Details here

■ “Republic of Wanderings – Postcards from Yesterday’s World”

19 Come on

Old postcard, Lviv, 1908Old postcard, Lviv, 1908

Old postcard, Lviv, 1908

(Photo provided by the MUZA press department)

When: until May 28, daily, except Sunday
Where: Tel Aviv, Eretz Israel Museum – MUZA
At the exhibition: letters and postcards that were a means of communication and the main channel of communication for Jewish writers, whose stories of life and emigration are still breathtaking. The exhibition is dedicated to 6 writers: Baron’s Court, Micha Josef Berdichevsky, Josef Haim Brenner, Uri Nissan Gnesin, David Vogel and Gershon Schoffman
Ticket price: 26-52 shek.
Details and ticket booking here

■ “M.I.R.Y”

19 Come on

"Atlantis" "Atlantis"

“Atlantis” by Noah Bin-Nun Melamed

(Photo: Eish Harod Mishkan Le Omanut Museum)

When: daily until May 21, except Sunday
Where: kibbutz Ein Harod, Museum of Art (“Mishkan le-omanut”). Haima Atara
At the exhibition: 4 exhibitions creating a whole world of personal and collective symbols. They are united by the key energy of the power of art – as well as the anxiety of the time.
Ticket price: 15-40 shekels. (on weekdays), on Saturdays – free
Details here

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