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Original title: Run Hide Fight
Year: 2020
Director: Kyle Rankin
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama
Duration: 1h.49m.

On the day of the graduation draw, Vernon High School is subjected to armed seizure. The murders of teenagers are broadcast on social networks while school guards are inactive. Zoe Hull has to get out of the terrible hell alive and return there with retribution.

“Run, Hide, Beat” is the cinematic debut of the conservative media company “The Daily Wire” and the producer of the blood-curdling horror-western “Bone Tomahawk”, Dallas Zonnier.

In this text we without spoilers Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of the film, as well as find out who will like the exciting thriller about the American national tragedy – school shooting.

Back to hell

From the first minutes “Run, hide, beat” sets a clear pace and tension until the final. The wonderful acting and attention to their characters creates compelling and vivid images that turn viewing into an exciting adventure that is hard to break away from.

The protagonist of this adventure is Zoe Hull – a 17-year-old graduate, raised by a former soldier. Her appearance on the screen initially causes conflicting feelings. She is sore, annoyed at the half-word and keeps away from others.

Long before the first meeting of the viewer and the character, Zoe is already in a struggle with the consequences of a family tragedy that motivates her actions. This forces the girl to break old ties and avoid communication, because only then can she prevent another loss of a loved one.

External conflict ruthlessly plays on this fear and humanizes the usual image of the hero of the militant. A fighter who does not present special surprises in itself. Like most protagonists of the genre, Zoe Hull was born in an American shirt and doomed to victory.

However, snatching it from the hands of villains will not be easy.

You created me

Against the background of the main character, the antagonists look no less convincing and ambiguous. Couped with the usual inferiority complexes and the pursuit of glory, they are endowed with a burning resentment from which their violent malice was born.

The invaders rightly ridicule the incompetence of school guards and use publicly available protocols of action during emergencies to carry out their own plans. In the end, not only the students but also the police are held hostage by the villains.

The view of the world and the ideas that prompted them to commit a brutal act are alien to one-sided political statements, but also do not draw attention from the main storyline.

Despite cultural issues, the most acute of these remains the human conflict at the center of the narrative and the fate of its protagonists.

The result

“Run, Hide, Beat” touches on hot topics and issues for American society, while remaining an exciting film in the first place. The authors are not ashamed of the cruelty and realism in the presentation of the material, and the emphasis on the complexity of the characters increases the involvement in what is happening. Knowledge of America’s political and cultural problems will not hurt, but it will not spoil the viewing at all.

The plot – 2/2
Acting and characters – 2/2
Musical accompaniment – 1/2
Scenery and costumes – 1/2
Image and shooting quality – 1/2

Final rating: 7/10

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