Excessive advertising of the Prada bag has negatively affected the opinion of network users

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Users of the network have noticed that Prada conducts VERY noticeable advertising of this particular bag on Instagram.

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It seems that every Korean celebrity related to the fashion world has received this bag from Prada.

1. Dara & Bona from Cosmic Girls

2. Son Kan & Lee Jae Uk

3. Hvasa & Midge

4. Harry & Pak Ji Hu

5. Lee Chong Sok & Hwang Ying Yop

6. It stinks from IVE & Ray

7. Mingyu from Seventeen & Jehyun from NCT

8. Сохён, Kim Jong UnBut Chon Yi

9. Tiffany & Lee Yu Mi.

10. June from The Boyz & Yonghun

11. Hyun from The Boyz & Lee Don Uk

Unfortunately, excessive advertising seems to have had a rather negative impact on the opinion of network users about the bag.

Some said: “That’s why I don’t want to buy it, because then everyone gets it for free, except me,” “All these people got it for free, but now I have to buy it for the full price?”, “It’s too much. It reduces the cost of the bag “,” Okay, give me another Prada “,” Why should I buy it when so many people got it for free “,” It’s cute, but now it looks like if you buy it, you buy “the same bag from Instagram” and much more.

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