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The thirteenth warrior

Brutal and cool movies.

The poet Ahmed ibn Fahdlan, as punishment for his love, became the envoy of the civilized East to the barbaric North to the Vikings. The warriors are preparing to march against the tribe of Corpse Eaters. Only thirteen warriors can defeat the enemy, and one of the brave must be a foreigner. The former poet, now the thirteenth warrior, takes up arms and goes to war.


Edgar Wright’s most underrated film.

Harry King is an experienced alcoholic living a rock and roll life in his forties. He can not forget the unsuccessful feat of school years “Golden Mile” – a grand race of 12 pubs in one night. Harry gathers his old team, and five friends return to their small hometown with one goal – to reach the cherished institution “End of the World”. But in the town for some reason no one recognizes them, and in quiet pubs lurked a terrible threat…

Few seconds

As insane as it is charming, it is a very grotesque action movie with too much.

2008, foggy London is almost flooded by the Thames after a global environmental catastrophe. The city is shocked by mysterious inhuman killings. Every day, the corpses of people with torn chests are found on the streets.

The Bloom Brothers

Adrienne Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Weiss and a lot of scams.

Brothers Stephen and Bloom are international fraudsters. Over many years of working together, they have mastered the art of non-violent money laundering from millionaires. Taking on their last task – the deception of the beautiful and eccentric heiress Penelope – they could not imagine what adventures await them.

The path of the warrior

Crazy mashup of militants, westerns, post-apocalypse, steampunk.

The great warrior Yang is a living legend born on the battlefield. He was so strong that no army could defeat him.

One day, while destroying the enemies of his clan, a warrior refused to kill a little girl, for which he was sentenced to death. With the baby in his arms, he flees to America and takes refuge in a provincial town, whose inhabitants live in constant fear of the ruthless Colonel’s gang. But here, too, the past haunts Jan. He must draw his sword again.

King Arthur

Hans Zimmer’s music adds epicness and atmosphere to the picture.

The film reconstructs the events that took place in the province of Britain immediately after the collapse of the Great Roman Empire, as well as myths about the exploits of the knights of King Arthur.


Stephen Seagal’s best film.

The Los Angeles Police Department has a task: to find and neutralize the criminal, who has many victims. Two detectives are following in the footsteps of the killer: Jack Cole and Jim Campbell. In such a responsible and risky business as hunting a killer, a lot depends on the partner, and sometimes everything.

However, it is these two police officers who are decidedly unable to understand each other. Strict and reticent, Cole, brought up in Eastern philosophy and martial arts, can not help but be surprised by his partner, a rascal and a joker.

And Campbell, as a sane and experienced man, is annoyed by his partner’s constant tendency to fight and other abrupt actions. Sometimes it even seems to him that the criminal they are looking for is none other than his partner Cole.


The film manages to maneuver between two dramas: sports and psychological.

Boxer Billy Hope had a great time: the title of champion, beautiful wife and beloved daughter. But fortune turns away from him: in tragic circumstances, his beloved wife dies, disqualification in the ring, zero income, the court deprives him of parental rights… Hope must defend the title of champion and return his daughter. Does Hope have a chance to win? Everything will be solved by his famous hook left…


Fierce fantasy about the journey of two enemies in ancient Russia.

The time of the change of civilizations – the proud Scythian warriors have disappeared, their dying descendants have become ruthless assassins, the wolves of Ares. The warrior Lutobor is facing a severe test. After interfering in internecine intrigues, he embarks on a dangerous journey to save his family, and his guide is the captured Scythian Kunitsa. They are enemies and pray to different gods, but are forced to go together. Across the wild steppe world to the haven of the last Scythians, where they will face death.


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