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Nothing good at the El Royal Hotel

Director Drew Goddard competes with Tarantino on his territory.

Seven strangers, each with his own secret, meet at the abandoned El Royal Hotel on Lake Tahoe. And tonight everyone will have a chance to be redeemed before everything goes to hell.

It’s too late

The film is divided into five fragments of 22 minutes, shot without visible editing. Each scene is a fragment of a story about how a private detective searches for a missing young beauty. As in “Criminal Readings”, the scenes are not arranged in chronological order.

Roll up in the asphalt

Slow author’s action movie.

The old detective Ridjman and the reckless Anthony are fired after a video of his teammates harshly knocking out a confession from a suspect. Having no other means of subsistence, ex-cops find work in the criminal underground.

Puff cake

Not only Tarantino is felt in the picture, but also Guy Ritchie.

A drug dealer nicknamed Four Xs, having earned enough unjust money, decides not to tempt fate and retire. However, before that, as usual, he will have to do his boss one last favor: to find the missing daughter of his old friend. Seems like a trivial matter for a connoisseur of the London bottom ?! If only the poor man knew what insane lawlessness and a series of dangerous misunderstandings this task would turn into.

Seven psychopaths

“Black” meta-comedy.

The off-road writer has lost his inspiration and can’t cope with the new script. Coincidentally, he is involved in the abduction of a dog by his eccentric friends. It turns out that the stolen animal is a favorite dog of the main local gangster, who does not have to calculate anything in two accounts and destroy the idiots.


Chamber action movie from producer Martin Scorsese.

Boston, 1978. When an underground arms deal enchantingly flies downhill, the warehouse becomes a battlefield. The words ended, and the trunks spoke. The prize in the game of survival is a suitcase with a large sum of money, but it is not so easy to carry it away. Everyone is armed here, each for himself, and chaos rules the ball.

Confrontation in Sparrow Creek

Conversational crime drama from the life of the American underground.

A former police officer is looking for a killer among new colleagues. Realizing that time is running out and the situation will soon get out of control, he locks himself with them in an abandoned sawmill and begins a series of interrogations in the hope of finding out the identity of the culprit.

Driver for the night

Crazy action.

The unlucky driver of the limousine has only one shift left to pay the impressive debt. His last client is a mysterious young billionaire who promised unprecedented tips for several additional services. In pursuit of the money he so desperately needs now, the driver gets involved in insane alterations on the streets of Los Angeles, and the more night falls on the metropolis, the more illusory he hopes to stay alive.

Black dynamite

The genre of blackmail, popular in the seventies of the last century, broke the psyche of little Quentin Tarantino. But not to him alone.

The Italian mafia is raging in the black ghetto. A secret CIA agent codenamed Black Dynamite takes matters into his own hands, which is why his brother is killed.


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