Ex-lover humiliates Pugachev all over the country: “Touring wife”

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There have been many novels in the diva’s life, and new details about her personal life pop up every now and then.

One of those who did not refrain from slandering Pugacheva was her ex-boyfriend – composer Sergei Chelobanov. He became the hero of the program “The fate of man». In a conversation with Boris Korchevnikov, Chelobanov did not hesitate to reveal the intimate details of his acquaintance with the Prima Donna – how he spent the night with her after Pugacheva herself invited him to the apartment.

A stormy New Year’s Eve marked the beginning of a three-year novel, which, however, never ended in anything serious. Moreover, on the air Chelobanov revealed details of their novel that were quite humiliating for the Prima Donna. For example, the fact that for a long time the composer called Pugachev his “camping” or “touring” wife. Chelobanov’s outspoken confession damaged the singer’s image even in the eyes of the most loyal fans, as not everyone knew that when Pugacheva invited him to her home, the composer was married to another woman. And the Diva herself had a relationship at the time.

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