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ex-husband of the singer complained of harassment from Ukrainians

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Ani Lorak’s ex-husband Murat Nalcagioglu offered his help on Instagram. He stated that he would bring those who wished from Ukraine to Romania. In addition to gratitude, he also received much criticism.

“Go to your Turkey! He was afraid for his free property. Soon you will be bankrupt! You deserve it. This is the law of the boomerang. You deceived, betrayed, robbed Ani Lorak! You did it! You’re a glutton! ” – the Ukrainian wrote to Murat.

In response, the singer’s ex-husband wished the hater good health and said that people’s lives are much more valuable than money.

Murat Nalcagioglu has repeatedly faced a stream of hatred since his divorce from Ani Lorak. The Turkish businessman was repeatedly caught during intrigues.

Earlier, Ani Lorak was seductive danced in front of the mirror.

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