Evgeny Osin’s granddaughter appeared on television for the first time

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19-year-old Agnia Tkachenko showed her seven-month-old daughter Ksenia. According to her, many notice the similarity of the baby with the famous grandfather, singer Eugene Osin. He had the same upper face.

The girl grows up calm and gives young parents a good night’s sleep. They cope with the child without a babysitter, the grandmother helps.

Evgeny Osin's granddaughter appeared on television for the first time

“Maybe to him [Евгению Осину] it would help to find some meaning in life, ”TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva suggested in the studio of the“ Stars Met ”program, taking Ksenia in her arms.

Agnia Tkachenko lives with her husband Vladislav and daughter in her father’s three-room apartment. So far, only the children’s room has been repaired. And instead of a billiard room, they made an aviary for four-legged pets: they have eight kittens, two cats and nine cats.

Earlier it became known as now lives another daughter of Eugene Osin Nastya Godunova after the singer’s death.

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