“Everyone should be comfortable in the filming process”

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Oh, it’s hard! Fortunately, I only had romantic scenes with people I like! Dmitry Nagiyev once made me an offer in the TV series “Nagiyev in Quarantine”. I remember how happy she was, but he quickly changed his mind about the plot and lost a princess like me! I’m kidding! As for the romance scenes, I think it’s really a very intimate process that requires trust and sympathy on both sides, and on the third side – the director’s side – too. It is necessary to make it comfortable for everyone.

What advice / guidance can you give to novice actors?

Think a million times, “Do you need it ?!” (Laughs). Yes, it seems to me that I am a novice artist, I still do not have the right to give advice to someone. I can only tell you about my observations: the profession of an actor is a lottery, anyone can win it, regardless of their professional qualities and talents. I know a lot of talented artists who are not filmed. And I don’t know why. It takes at least five years for the industry to find out about you and for you to like it. Many artists are upset and think it’s their business, but the fact is that constant waiting is part of the profession. You can wait for a role all your life if you have enough patience, and you can get it right away, but no one will guarantee what awaits you. That’s how you live: you don’t know how drastically your life can change – 360 degrees. So it was, for example, with me. I came to rehearsals, I was approved for the film, and I flew to Spain to act in an international project. And life for two months was just different. I played with the stars of our movie and spoke exclusively in English. That’s what a profession is. Unpredictable!

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