Everyone is discussing the DALL-E neural network, which draws images based on text queries. She is called the “killer of artists” and read the art revolution

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Will the artist survive?

The ethical side of the issue is also controversial. DALL-E invades where people did not expect to meet competition from machines – in creativity. Many fear that the neural network may to take away work for artists. However, not everyone agrees with this.

“AI is just a tool used by a person to create something new. The tool can be as simple as a brush, or as complex as Adobe Photoshop, – says Andrei Alekseychuk, – So no one will kill the industry of illustrators and artists – they will just use the new tools. Brush makers may be under attack, but I think they will survive. You can’t make a DALL-E query “Draw something ingenious”. More precisely, you can, but it is unlikely that DALL-E will understand you correctly and you will get what you want. “

The artist Nikita Replyansky looks at things in much the same way. “I am fascinated by the new opportunities that artificial intelligence has brought me. I became the director of my art projects, who had a personal virtual art team represented by AI. I focus on the content, ideas and philosophy of my works, reducing the time for their implementation. And also I find dozens of new visual solutions of my own ideas, leaving only what characterizes my vision of the world. Some creative areas will really change beyond recognition. For example, creating concepts for games and movies. New professions and new genres will appear. New names that will become very famous due to work with AI, “he said, adding that as the possibilities of AI develop, author’s works, one hundred percent made by hand, will be valued no less, and even more.

In any case, says Valery Efimov, to say that neural networks will kill the artist’s profession at least prematurely. “Even DALL-E 2 generates images with insufficient resolution for printing in a printing house (on the pages or cover of a book with high-quality printing, it will be about 8×8 cm), to generate images at even higher resolutions will require enormous resources,” she said. [сможет ли нейросеть заменить иллюстратора]? Looking at what requirements to make to the illustration. In the distant future – yes, but not in the next 5 years. “

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