“Every week I am waiting for replenishment in the family”: Anna Asti made a statement about her pregnancy

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Anna Dziuba

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The former soloist of the band Artik & Asti reacted to rumors that she will soon become a mother for the first time. The first assumptions are that Anna Dziuba pregnant women appeared to fans in the fall, when she suddenly left the team. Almost a year before that, she married businessman Stanislav Yurkin. Many suspected that the singer, tired of the stage, decided to realize her dreams of motherhood.

Recently, fans began to notice that the figure of the artist has changed. The appearance of a small round belly only fueled rumors of possible premature birth.

Anna probably hoped that the rumors would “dissolve” on their own, but this did not happen. The other day she had to make a statement on the subject of her alleged situation.

“In fact, I look forward to adding to the family every week. Given that I am a girl, I am still waiting for replenishment every month. The stomach is such a thing, we are all human, we can eat, and the dress may not sit down. But there are also different physiological processes, thanks to which all girls are sometimes pregnant. “

Said Anna RU.TV.

We can assume that Dzyuba is unlikely to make plans to expand the family now. The fact is that her solo career is only at the very beginning of development, and pregnancy and maternity leave will greatly distract the artist from work.

Artik & Asti: three versions of why Anna Dziuba left the band

Artik & Asti: three versions of why Anna Dziuba left the band

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By the way, the day before the media published a comment on the star and how she survived leaving Article – Artem Umrikhin. Singer stated that she was not upset for long. “I was sad for a week, cried for a while, splashed everything out, went on,” said Anna.

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