Evelina Bledans: The producer said “stop!” When my breasts were full of milk.

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Evelina Bledans

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Recently, for various reasons, some channels have removed from their network a number of popular programs, including those published in daily or weekly format.

“KP” turned to Evelyn Bledansan actress, singer, TV presenter who has made a bright career in television, with the question of what she lacks on modern TV.

– You became a TV star together with the super-popular project “Mask Show” back in the 90’s, now TV has changed, which programs do you feel particularly sorry for?

“Come on, I won’t feel sorry for anyone?” I will feel sorry for myself.

“Come on.”

– I am very sorry for our show “Invisible Man” on TV-3. I just now corresponded with the producers. I congratulated them. It was a long project. About 150 programs.

– Did you have a son on the eve of its launch?

– I started filming in it when my son Semochka was a year old. And when the filming started, he went with me. And I breastfed him, because Semochka just came with me to the set.

– Were the producers unhappy?

– At one point, the producer, when my breasts were full of milk, said: “Stop, Evelina is going to breastfeed!”

“And the guests were waiting?”

– Of course. And how many wonderful guests we had! Some twice. Olechka Orlova, Lolita and Larisa Dolina were twice. Larissa Dolina and I recently remembered how she was in one of the first pools. But then the program suffered such losses. Two of our experts have died. And a difficult situation arose. I missed this project, very …

– Is there no nostalgia for “Mask Show”?

– “Masks-show” is a big, but long history. Why miss her? This is a legend of humor. There is nothing to miss here. Yes, it was, but…

– Viewers remember her even now, more than 15 years later …

– Right now I’m flying to Chelyabinsk for a show, on tour. I was invited to a chic country complex. And a representative of the host party told me that he got his first sexual experience when he saw me in “Mask Show”. And I hear something like this quite regularly…


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