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“I thought it was a big Hollywood premiere, you all have to come,” said Cassie Howard, a 24-year-old American actress who starred in the series. “We were all sitting in a movie theater, the screen was just huge. “.

Actress Sidney Sweeney in the series “Euphoria” PHOTO: Screenshot / HBO

When asked about her grandparents’ reaction to what she saw, Sweeney said:

“She said I had the best breasts in Hollywood!”

Earlier this year, the actress told The Independent that she asked director Sam Levinson to even cut out part of the nude from the series, which Levinson did. Sidney admitted that sometimes after filming candid scenes in her previous film projects, she felt disgusted. She also noted that her participation in such series as “Sharp Objects” and “White Lotus” created an overly sexualized impression of her as an actress.

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After the first scandalous reviews, the series “Euphoria” became one of the most watched products on HBO, and also received a number of awards and nominations.

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