escaped Sobchak is threatened by her ex-husband Borodina

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Kurban Omarov has already moved on.

Ksenia Sobchak paid for disrespecting Latin. In one of the posts of the “bloody lady” who fled abroad, Ksenia Borodina’s ex-husband saw ridicule of the last letter of the English alphabet – and the blogger did not like it at all.

“Between the lines there is a hysterical laugh at the reality with which she does not agree. In fairness, it is worth noting that she is not the only one. We are here at the epicenter of events, we want to believe in the best, we hope and we are waiting. While you are laughing there, ”Omarov brags.

Kurban has no doubt that Ksenia will eventually return to Russia, and also hints at a possible meeting. It is possible that Omarov will decide to apply for the event to the offender of the letters face to face in late April, when Sobchak finally reaches Moscow.

“Time will pass, you will return, and no one will even remember it. They will also admire, joke and retell. But I will not forget. Your name in my notebook begins with “W”. Now this is your letter, ”Borodina’s ex-wife was quoted as saying “TV program”.

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