escaped Litvinova showed a photo from the hospital

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The star of the drama “North Wind” scared fans.

Renata Litvinova, who left Russia following many domestic show business stars, shared a photo from the European Hospital Chamber. The celebrity looks very thin.

The artist, who moved to France together with her friend, the singer Zemfira, continues to share with fans the chronicle of emigrant life in Telegram channel. On the afternoon of April 4, an unpleasant surprise awaited her fans.

In the published photo, the emaciated Litvinova stares languidly into the distance, holding a white cup of coffee. She casually covered her body with a hospital cape. Shocked by the news, the subscribers wished the actress a speedy recovery and good health.

The movie and theater star did not share the details of her condition, so her fans can only guess what happened.

“Today. The sun is in the window, ”Renata Litvinova signed the photo.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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