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Ermakova is preparing for the birth of children and leaving Home 2

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While the viewers of the reality show discuss the latest events of the project and the results of the lie detector, which never determined the truth, Nadezhda Ermakova is preparing for the birth of children and leaving House 2. House 2 participant told reporters Starkhit wife of Danieland already gives large-scale interviews and shares his expectations for married life.

For example, Ermakova noted that she does not feel the difference in age, but the lack of experience often becomes the cause of their misunderstandings. But she would not want to choose another man, because she feels with Chistov forever young, energetic and with burning eyes. She also admitted that she takes hormonal drugs and sees herself as a loving mother in the future. Although Daniel is sure that she will become an “evil policeman” and will treat the child severely.

Will they leave the project in the summer?

Maybe Nadia and Daniel will leave the project in the summer, as we have already written in Sloka, after the wedding they are planning a romantic trip, and then return to Polyana for a short time. “I think this is the logical conclusion of our story on the project,” says Ermakova about her desire to develop with Daniel around the perimeter. Unless there is another high-profile scandal by then?

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