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Ermakova is dissatisfied with Chistov’s proposal

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Less than a year later, Nadia Ermakova said what she had accumulated in her soul. It became known that Ermakova was dissatisfied with Chistov’s proposal. Allegedly she was counting on beautiful declaration of love, and everything turned out not as you want, in 10 years with tears of happiness in your eyes you will not remember such a proposal – Nadia is sure.
Ermakova is dissatisfied with Chistov's proposal
On the daytime air of house 2 09.04.2022 Ermakova advised Evgenia Romashova not to hurry, like Daniel, not to make a spontaneous proposal to Nastya Bigrina, but to prepare everything carefully. In response, Daniel was offended and asked Nadia to give the ring. It didn’t work out for him, Ermakova immediately realized that she had said something stupid, began to apologize and calmed the groom.

“You know that I was pressured, otherwise everything would be beautiful,” Chistov had to apologize. “You were pressured, I understand,” Nadia said, remembering the day she was invited to marry. Ermakova would sometimes find it helpful to remain silent, and so her future husband looks pitiful in the eyes of viewers who believe he makes a mistake for the sake of a project wedding.

As we have already written on the sloka, Ermakova bought Daniel a suit, chooses a dress, tries to look like a happy bride, and it turns out that the woman still has doubts about her choice. I would like a better option than Ermakova, well, as it is, better than nothing?

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