enthusiast recreated Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting in Minecraft

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“Starry Night” is one of the most famous paintings in the world and the most recognizable work of Vincent van Gogh. It is this work of art user under the name ChrisDaCow decided to recreate in a square sandbox Minecraft. Surprisingly, he managed to accurately convey the landscape of Vincent van Gogh in a normal game.

The enthusiast not only managed to accurately convey the content of the picture in the game, he was able to make “Starry Night” in three-dimensional space. He had to spend a lot of time analyzing the work of Vincent van Gogh to understand exactly how to arrange objects in the game world.

It took ChrisDaCow several months to recreate the famous Minecraft picture. During this time, he managed to rewrite the program to convert the image into new blocks of the game, as well as a little insight into the image of the artist himself. Most importantly, he was able to prove once again that games are the same art and they are still capable of a lot.

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