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Metallica Show S&M Tribute with symphony orchestra

Photo: provided by the Press Service

MetallicaShowS&MTribute with symphony orchestra

For true fans of the legendary band, unique Metallica S&M Tribute Show – Dedication to the cult work of Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the re-creation of the most famous concert of the group in 1999!

Now you can feel the magical atmosphere that reigned during the concert at the Berkeley Community Theater in California, at the Metallica S&M Tribute. The legendary hits “Nothing Else Matters”, “Master of Puppets”, “Enter Sandman”, as well as not included in the original source “The Unforgiven”, “Creeping Death” and “Fade to Black”, will be performed together with the symphony orchestra!

The show has received recognition and many good reviews from music critics and fans of rock music.

“This highly professional” brand “show is a model of pure, technical, bright and powerful rock music, and I was very happy to take part in it,” said UDO lead guitarist Andrei Smirnov.

“Heavy metal passed through a multi-instrumental symphony orchestra is undoubtedly a scale. The orchestra ennobles the metal, and the metal fills the orchestra. Experiments in the context of intercultural dialogue are always a fertile and provocative culture shock. ” This review of one of the fans best describes the great show that is worth a visit for everyone!

  • Address: Moscow, Kremlin, State Kremlin Palace – Great Hall
  • Age category: 12 +
  • Dates of upcoming performances: 30 March 19:00

The Mirror of Enigma. Gregorian Opera. Xana & Enchanted Voices

The Mirror of Enigma.  Gregorian Opera.  Xana & Enchanted Voices

Photo: provided by the Press Service

The mysterious Middle Ages, a time of contrasts and contradictions: wars and great discoveries, chivalrous feats and insidious intrigues, celebrations of beauty and gloomy legends in the grand show Gregorian Opera «The Mirror of Enigma»!

When the Game of Thrones ends, the real Queen emerges from the shadows and the whole world belongs to her! Who is she – an innocent angel or a vicious demon, will the eternal confrontation between man and woman, strength and beauty end?

Authentic live performance of his own works and favorite hits Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Enigma, Limp Bizkit, The Beatles, Rammstein, the embodiment of the rich musical traditions of Europe, the mystique of the Gregorian chant, the beauty of Gothic, the versatility of the new age leave The Gregorian Opera »In a number of the best world shows.

The enchanting singing of the Enchanted Voices choir, the strong voice of Ksana, the virtuoso playing of musicians, the magnificent musical story of 20 bright numbers non-stop will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated viewer:

On the stage of the Kremlin Palace magic and charm, incredible combinations of sound, light, scenery and images of artists. Synthesis of rock opera, at the junction of “new age”, “ethno”, “industrial”, alternative music and pop. This is not a concert, this is a magical installation!

  • Address: Moscow, Kremlin, State Kremlin Palace – Great Hall
  • Age category: 12 +
  • Dates of upcoming performances: 29March 19:00

“Lady with a dog”


Photo: provided by the Press Service

Satyricon Theater presents the second premiere of the year – the play “Lady with a dog“, Created within the framework of the director’s laboratory of Konstantin Raikin” Debuts “. Khutruk “Satyricon”
Konstantin Raikin provided young ambitious directors with the opportunity to work with theater artists and, in case of successful experience, to include the production in the repertoire.

For his first production, director Alexander Loktionov chose the story of AP Chekhov’s “Lady with a Dog”: “The story that a man and a woman are two halves of the whole, scattered overearth and forced to seek each other, many thousands of years. Hefound in folklore, fairy tales,myths, legends and religious texts. In “Dame sa dog ”Chekhov also undertook a similar onehistory. But, being human,brought up in the Russian realities, invested in it the impossibility,indecision andthe hopelessness with which we have to live here. “

According to the artistic director of the Satyricon Theater Konstantin Raikin: “Lady with a Dog” is a performance of small form, which, on the one hand, is idealfitsfor creative experiments and directorial experiments, and on the other – communication withtete-a-tete spectator requires great responsibility and filigree work. For PaulAlekseeva and Antonina Rybolovleva, who graduated from the Higher School of Stagearts, these are the first major works in the Satyricon, the first major roles. The emotional interaction of the characters, their scores are the main pictureperformance and, of course, for artists it is a professional challenge. “

“Lady with a Dog”, as the first performance in the “Debuts” laboratory, promises to be an event for a number of reasons: it is a new phenomenon in “Satyricon”, and a powerful start in the profession for directors and artists, and, of course, a fresh look at classics and the search for new meanings in well-known literary material.

  • Address: Moscow, st. Arbat, 35,The scene of the Central House of Actors. А.А.Яблочкиной
  • Age category: 12 +
  • Dates of upcoming performances: 6 and 30March 19:00

Soyuzmultpark’s birthday

Soyuzmultpark at VDNH

Photo: the press service of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio

The legendary film studio “Soyuzmultfilm” celebrates the year since the opening of the multimedia center “Soyuzmultpark»At VDNH and on this occasion fascinating and informative events are planned.

On the occasion of his birthday, Soyuzmultpark will host star tours, watching new series of cartoons and discussing the highlights of animated films with the star of “Yeralash”, actor and popular blogger Sasha Novikov. Visitors can expect an unforgettable journey through the world of animation, communication with the characters of various cartoons, exciting workshops and the opening of new attractions.

Soyuzmultpark is a unique playground for children and adults, where everyone can gain new skills, take a new look at famous cartoons and fully immerse themselves in the world of animation and modern technology.

The pavilion has 18 fascinating interactive attractions designed exclusively for Soyuzmultpark. They are based on the most advanced technologies: VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), 3D animation, generative graphics systems, autonomous development and endless generation of graphic objects.

Here the history of the most legendary cartoon factory in the country comes to life. You can get acquainted with the incredible events that will take place in the Soyuzmultpark in the near future on your Instagram profile. There you can always find information about bonuses and discounts, which are part of special offers and promotions.

By the way, for a year in the Soyuzmultpark visitors have strengthened the tradition of celebrating their birthdays. Special holiday programs have been prepared for such important occasions for birthday parties and large companies. Such trips to the wonderful world of cartoons always give a lot of emotions and unforgettable impressions to both children and adults!

  • Address: Moscow, VDNH territory, Pavilion №7 – Soyuzmultpark
  • Age category: 0 +
  • Dates of upcoming performances: daily from 10:00 to 21:00

«Walpurgis Night, or Commander’s Steps»

Photo: Oleg Chernous

The action of the play by Venedikt Erofeev “Walpurgis Night, or Commander’s Steps»Unfolds in a psychiatric hospital. The inhabitants of her third chamber, seemingly ordinary outcasts and marginals, are in fact charming eccentrics and sages, captivating with their spontaneity and spontaneity. What caused their departure from society? Rejection of a society that did not accept otherness, or is it a conscious choice – a rejection of accepted norms in favor of stupidity, giving internal freedom?

The third ward of the hospital resembles the ancient Greek polis, the state within the state – here the disputes are not over life, but over death and the most complex world issues are resolved.

“Walpurgis Night, or Commander’s Steps” is a multi-layered and complex play, full of intellectual paradoxes, literary allusions and reminiscences (here Goethe, Shakespeare and Pushkin). The serious in it every now and then intertwines with the comic, from tragedy to comedy, from laughter to tears – one step. The director Ulanbek Bayaliev skillfully plays with the contrasts laid down by Erofeev, sometimes tames the excessive literary nature of the play and ingeniously brings theatricality and lively life into action.

  • Address: Moscow, Kamergersky Lane, 3
  • Age category: 18 +
  • Dates of upcoming performances: 11March 19:00

«№ 13D»

Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

If you can name one of the brands of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov, it is definitely «№ 13D»Vladimir Mashkov based on the play by British playwright Ray Cooney. Recently, the play celebrated its anniversary – it was played for the two hundredth time. Uncontrollable waves of laughter swept across the auditorium on the stage of the Art Theater for two hundred evenings!

Proposition comedy is a very complex genre. It requires a special virtuosity, impeccable mastery of form: you can not squeeze, you can not fall out of a clear rhythm. “№ 13D” in this sense is a benchmark performance: inventive, light, charming, filled with the crazy energy of today.

The current play, released by Vladimir Mashkov in 2014, is a new version of his legendary production “№ 13”, and the second life of this story at the Art Theater was no less happy than the first.

Vladimir Mashkov: “Play № 13” is a well for director’s imagination, a pleasure foractors. I wanted to make it an improvisational, jazz performance, where each of the ten artists will have his own party. “

“Romulus the Great”

Photo: S. Tuptalov

The story of the last emperor of the Roman Empire – Romulus Augustulus. The long and almighty empire is collapsing – and the emperor cares only about his chickens… The bureaucratic system is rotten, and all officials are concerned only with their personal comfort – no one thinks about the welfare of the state.

The Germans are approaching, Romulus’ wife, Julia, is trying to do something – but, unfortunately, her attempts are in vain. Why doesn’t the ruler save his offspring? What is the meaning of his inaction, and is he there at all?

The Roman Empire on the stage of the Southwest – directed by Oleg Leushin!

  • Cast: Romulus – z.a. Russia Oleg Leushin, in the role of his wife Julia – Acting Russia Karina Dymont.
  • Address: Moscow, 125 Vernadsky Ave.
  • Age category:16+
  • Upcoming show dates: March 4 and April 15 at 19-00

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